Barnyard "Stars"


These are brief biographies of some of the special animal stars we've had on our farm over the years including many you can see if you visit the farm today. Not all animals are available for viewing on the farm at all times.




Gus and Stella are Lionhead rabbits They previously lived in Illinois in an apartment and are now country bunnies who love the farm life. They love fresh dandelion greens and green grass. More photos of these two are avialble in our photo gallery.





We had two broods of baby turkeys hatch over the summer. One brood hatched June 13th next to our donkey barn. They love to run around and greet visitors to the farm This group hatched on August 3rd and are getting use to farm life while at their mom's side.




Okey and Dokey are twin African Pygmy goats. They were born July 29th 2011. They are cuddly and very entertaining. They arrived on the farm when they were 1 1/2 weeks old and were bottle babies. We fed them bottles for a few months and then gradually introduced hay to them. Today they are romping around the pasture and roof tops.






My name is Kramer. I'm a heritage breed Blue Slate Tom turkey. I have lived on the farm since I was a poult (baby turkey). I am now four years old. The black stringy thing hanging from my chest is my beard. I am the third oldest Tom on the farm. I like to strut my stuff and show everyone how good looking I am.






My name is Tucker. I am an Ebden goose. I am three years old. I hatched on the farm in the spring of 2007. My goose mom had a hard time handling baby goslings so my human mom took me while I was in my egg shell. She put me in an incubator and I hatched a day later. I was a cute adorable gosling, but I had spraddle. That means my legs were like rubber and would not support me. Mom knew how to fix my legs and so now they are strong. While I was growing up I ate a lot. As a result I have "Angel Wing." My wing grew fast and had a hard time supporting itself. It doesn't bother me and my wing is not broken. It works just fine. It is just lazy. I love my human mom and I follow her around when she comes to take care of us. I talk to her a lot and occasionally try to get on her lap. I imprinted to her.







My name is Annie. I am a miniature Mediterranean Donkey. I am almost twenty years old and I have lived on the farm for nine years. The Harmann's adopted me and my daughter Dakota Rose. I love to hang out with my best friend Teaspoon. We are two of the older moms on the farm. We overesee everything that goes on in the pasture and in our barn.








My name is Molly. I am an Alpine goat. I have lived on the farm since I was two days old. The Harmann's had to bottle feed me and my sisters Puppet and Mocha. We always liked to be held when we drank our bottles. I will be eleven years old this summer. I like staying close to the barn. I am a very sweet loving goat. I really like children to come and visit us.  









 One of our hen turkeys sat on her eggs for 28 days hot days in July and hatched some babies. She is raising them in our corn maze and pumpkin patch. The mother hatched here 3 years ago. She is a cross between a Red Bourbon and Black Spanish. The babies eat insects, and natural feed we give them. They are having a lot of fun exploring their new world. There mom is teaching them to roost at night to be safe from predators. Maybe you'll bump into them in the corn! If you do, say hello.






It's feeding time on the farm. We all enjoy seeing our human mom and dad come to feed us. They give us hay and fresh water. We usually eat out at our feeders and people driving by often beep their horns to say "Hi". Sometimes the goats are on the grass-roofed barns with the chickens and turkeys. When we see our breakfast or dinner come we bray and bahhh. The turkeys gobble and the chickens squawk. Tucker honks for mom.  









I am Stewart the pot bellied pig on the farm. I am seven years old. I was adopted in 2003. It was the year we had our Harley Davidson Motorcycle Maze. I love to eat and sleep. I grunt when my mom and dad come into my barn. They feed me and then I am happy. I go outside and sun myself in the warm weather. I love to have my ears and tummy rubbed.  






I am a Blue Indigo Peacock. I am the largest bird on the farm. I have long beautiful plumage and I love to show it off in the spring and summer. I sometimes screech and it sounds like a person yelling help. I like to perch on high things and watch everything going on.