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2018 Fall Corn Maze and Pumpkin Store



2018 Maze Schedule - Now With Three Maze Games!

In addition to our by-appointment spring and fall field trip seasons for schools and other organized groups we offer an open maze season for the general public. No appointments are required for these weekend-only events. You do not have to have an organized group to take part in the weekend maze events. They are open to anyone. A barnyard animals experience, a childrens' play area, and hayrides are also available. Here's information on the 2018 maze design.


Bring Your Smart Phone or QR Code Reader

Take up the challange of our 4.4 acre corn maze! There are three games you can participate in as you find your way through the maze. Each participant will be given a maze punch card. Within the maze there are 12 checkpoints to find with uniquely shaped paper punches. As you find a checkpoint you will punch your card. There are also seven multiple choice questions in the maze. Each participant tries to answer each question correctly and then write down the letter under the correct answer. If you answer all seven questions correctly, you will have seven letters to unscramble. Figure out the mystery word and find all 12 checkpoints to complete the maze. This year we've added a QR code mystery for those with smartphones or other code reader devices. Scan the codes, get the clues, and figure out the answer to a quiz. Maps of the maze are available to make your maze adventure easier.


Here is the 2018 schedule:"I Spy" hayride tours are conducted during the maze season.

We are open to the public for anyone, individuals, families, etc. from:

September 29th through October 28th

Saturdays & Sundays Only 10AM – 6PM


(Minimum Charge $125)

With the exception of the special days below, and field trip tours, we are not open weekdays.

We will also be open on these special dates:


We will also be open through October 31st for field trips by appointment.


2018 Price schedule:

Corn Maze only $6.00
Animals only $2.00
Hayride only $2.00
Children's Play Area only $2.00
Package deal for all four above activities $11.00

Pumpkins and other items (see below) are sold separately.
Children 2 years and under are free for all activities.


**IMPORTANT:  Payment by cash or check only -
no credit cards accepted.**


Pumpkins, gourds, squash, farn fresh eggs, and more are available for purchase in the Pumpkin Barn.

Pumpkin Barn Store


Be sure to stop in at the Pumpkin Barn when you visit our animals or come to try the corn maze. We sell pumpkins, gourds, squash, indian corn, corn bundles, various sizes of straw bales, and farm fresh eggs. We offer an I Spy Hayride around the farm where participants look for special objects displayed along the hayride trail and match them to a list of items posted in the hay wagon.

Pumpkin Barn hours are the same as the maze hours.


Pack a lunch or snack and take advantage of our large picnic area located alongside the Pumpkin Barn and maze.




Picnic Area


Make a day out of your visit to Homestead Animal Farm by enjoying a picnic lunch here. We have a scenic picnic area where you and your family can take a break and enjoy your lunch and refreshments. After lunch, take a hayride tour of the farm!



The corn box is a huge hit! The tots make a beeline to the childrens play area the minute they arrive.


Childrens Play Area


In addition to the maze, hayride, and animal area, we've added a big play area opportunity for the kids for 2015. They can pose on the antique tractor, play the "musicial instrument" display, engineer magnetic tube systems on a huge white board, and romp in the giant corn box.


 Even the little ones can meet the Homestead animals.





And Don't Forget the Animals!


We offer a great opportunity for visitors to get up close and interact with a variety of farm animals. We have everything from donkeys, goats, sheep, and an alpaca to rabbits, geese, ducks and chickens. You can even hold baby chicks! Stop by, the Homestead animals are waiting to meet you.