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New Bottle Babies on the Farm!

We have two new family members on the farm. Okey (tan) and Dokey (black). They are African Pygmy goats. These two sisters were born July 29th. Because Okey and Dokey are only two weeks old they need to be bottle fed. We use lamb re-placer powder mixed with warm water. They are fed about every four hours. Boots is our other pygmy goat. He is 12 years old.

African Pygmy goats are a miniature "meat" goat breed. They are even smaller than Nigerian Dwarf goats, which are considered “milk goats”. The pygmy goat was originally called the Cameroon Dwarf Goat and is originally from areas of west Africa. You can see two Nigerian Dwarf goats on the farm too. Their names are Hans and Frans.

Hello World! Okey and Dokey arrive at the farm.

Dokey poses for the camera.

Beg your pardon. Comin' through!

Dokey stays on top of meal time.

Ramp up the barnyard action!

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