Replanting the Roof
Sunday, August 4, 2013 at 7:29PM
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And you think maintaining your lawn is a tough job! Try growing grass on a steep slope twenty feet off the ground. It's tough hefting the lawnmower up there. Just kidding, about the lawnmower, that is. The rest is true. From time to time replanting the famous grass roofs on our animal enclosures becomes necessary. All the old turf must be removed and a new "lawn" planted and covered with a straw mat to hold eveything in place until the new plants take root. Mark had the help of some of our turkeys as he planted the new roof covering. And your job isn't done when the roof is replanted either. You've got to water the roof regularly to make sure the grass gets off to a good start. We took some photos of this year's replanting and share them below. The roof will be ready for goats (our lawnmowers) very soon.

Straw goes down to hold the roof in place until the grass takes root.

We had some helpers.

All planted. Just add water.

If there's no have to water it yourself. The goat says, "Put the steps back up Mark."

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