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Henrietta Hen Hatched a Duckling!

Henrietta Hen hatched a duckling for the duck we had that was killed. Mark calls it a “Chuckling.” We found it in the nesting box with her tonight when we did chores. The duckling's name is "Woody."

Are you my mom?


Sheep Shearing Time

Amos and Hattie, our Shetland Sheep, are shorn twice a year, once in the spring and once in late summer. Their fleece is very soft. Amos and Hattie were jet black as lambs but after their wool grew and they were shorn they became grey/white sheep with a few black spots. They are a year old this month.

Whoo! Suddenly it seems a little drafty around here.

Freshly sheared raw wool or fleece.


Extra tall corn will make for a very challenging maze this year!

The corn is tall and the maze is cut. You can see by the pictures the maze will be a big challenge this year. The corn is 12ft. tall in areas and still growing! The pictures you see are of Mark standing next to the corn in mid-July.

Extra tall corn means a very challenging maze this year!

At times we have to recut the paths to trim new growth so they stay clean for you when you try your hand at navigating the maze. If you tackle the maze this October and get lost, don't worry...we'll rescue you when we harvest the corn in late November.

Mark recuts the path to keep it open for visitors this fall.

Nellie is a big help around the farm all summer. Maze cutting time is no exception. Sometimes all her supervising wears her out and she takes a break in the shade of the corn stalks.

Nellie takes a breather.

We should have an aerial photo in a few weeks so check back to see the picture. This year’s maze is called “Mitchapalooza ” in memory of Mark’s son Mitch. The maze will be open to the public in the fall on weekends from October 2 – October 31st from 10:00 AM – 6 PM. School tours are available during the week by appointment. We will also be open Wednesday October 27th 6:30PM  – 10:00PM and 
Thursday and Friday October 28th and 29th 10:00AM – 5:00PM.

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