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We've added two more additions to Homestead, and we need your help!

As you can see by the the photos, we've adopted two new two-week-old Shetland Sheep lambs. But...they don't have names yet. We'd like you to help us come up with names for the new additions. One lamb is a boy and one is a girl. Send us an email and give us some ideas. Click on the "Send Us an Email" link on our Contact Us page. Put "Baby Names" in the subject line.

The Shetland sheep breed, like the ponies and the sheep dogs from the same area are small. They won't get much larger than slightly more than half the stature of a full-size sheep. They range in color from all black to cream with several multi-color "designs." Sometimes their color changes as they get older. One of our new babies is all black and one is black with light-colored swirls. They will still be bottle fed for the next few weeks.

The little female.

This is the male.

Barbara has a little (hungry) lamb.


Woodside Elementary Students Visit Homestead Animal Farm

Several busloads of students from Woodside Elementary School, a Sussex Hamilton School District school, visited the farm on May 21, 2010. They took a tour of the farm, met many of the animals, and went on a hay ride. They also learned about planting organic crops during a hands-on activity. The students had a lesson about eggs and the different kinds of chickens we have here on the farm then watched two short movies about farm animals  and chickens produced by Homestead Animal Farm.

"Everybody off. Let's get going!"

The kids learned about chickens and got to hold baby chicks.









   All eyes are on Homestead's farm animal movie. All students participated in a hands-on organic farming activity.










As usual, Nellie is the center of attention. Another group arrives back from the hayride. 










The hayride capped off the day, the students were singing and playing "I Spy" to see if they could find everything along the hayride that was on a poster on the hay wagon. Our dog Nellie supervised the whole tour. She is a big hit with the kids!

Information on school tours is available here.



New Additions to the Farm

Earlier this month we added several new additions to our farm. We now have two young rabbits, named Lilly and Max. Female rabbits are called does, males are called bucks. We also have several new chicks and some ducklings. The chick varieties include ringneck pheasants, plus these types of chickens:  top hat polish chickens, Silkies, Ameraucana (they lay greenish blue eggs), and Welsumer (lay chocolate brown eggs). The ducks are runner ducks, one type we've raised for a few years on the farm. You'll be able to see some of these animals when you visit the farm.

Lilly and Max check out their new surroundings.

Nellie welcomes the new arrivals






Here are the new ringneck pheasant chicks. They keep warm under the heat lamps.

Runner ducks and lots of baby chicks which are starting to take on adult characteristics










This special brooder box provides a warm shelter, food, and water for the young birds.