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This is our 2017 Homestead Farm 140th Anniversary Maze, it includes the popular QR Code Game Plus Two Other Challenges!


Information on our 2018 maze will be published as soon as it becomes available in the fall.

This year’s maze theme is the 140th anniversay of what is now Homestead Animal Farm. Homestead has been in Mark Harmann's family since 1877. This year's design includes items you'll find on our farm including a pumpkin, rooster, lamb, one of our antique tractors, and an image of the original barn (long gone). You can find out more about the history of Homestead Animal Farm here. Again this year there are three different games you can play in the maze including a QR code game. If you have a smart phone or other device that can read QR codes, bring it along! The other two games involve strategy and knowledge but no QR codes, so if you don't have a scanner don't worry, you'll still have a lot of fun! This design is especially challenging. Little kids seem to get through it just fine, but we are still missing a couple of adults*.


*You can try your skill navigating through this year's maze. It's much harder than it looks! (If you get lost, don't worry, we'll find you when we harvest the corn in November and give you directions home.) Check out this Fall's schedule.