Here's a Map (We are in Wisconsin, not Florida)

While our mailing address is Hartland, Wisconsin (not Florida), our farm and corn maze are actually located in the Town of Merton (not the Village of Merton) about 2 miles north of "downtown" North Lake, WI on Hwy. 83 (aka State Road 83). We are 10.6 miles north of the I-94 at "Hwy. 83 North" exit; or 6.6 north of the Hwy. 16 "Hwy. 83 North" exit; or 9.6 miles south of the Hwy. 60 & Hwy. 83 intersection. Our driveway is a few hundred yards north of the intersection of Hwy. CW (aka Mapleton Road) and Hwy. 83 on the west side of the road. It's the first drive on the west side of the road north of Hwy. CW. You can enter "Homestead Animal Farm Wisconsin" in the Google maps app. These directions should get you right where you need to go, but enter this phone number into your cell phone in case you need further instructions: 262.966.3840.

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