A Brief History of the Homestead Animal Farm





The Sullivan Farm was originally owned by Dennis Sullivan who willed it  to his brother Daniel Sullivan. Daniel Sullivan willed the farm to his  children Jack, Mary, and Nellie. Nellie ended up with the farm and left  it to her two daughters when she died. Helen Daley and Ruth Harmann then  owned the farm. Helen Daley’s children sold their portion of the farm to  a developer and Ruth Harmann’s portion of the farm is owned today by  Mark and Barbara Harmann. The Sullivan Farm is now Homestead Animal  Farm.









This is a picture of Matt and Nellie Guilfoile. They were Mark Harmann’s grandparents.












This is a picture of the Matt and Nellie Guilfoile Family. Pictured from  left to right are Matt, Helen, Florence, Ruth, and Nellie.









This was a 1952 picture of the Sullivan Farm. The homestead was originally located on HWY CW. The farm was 160 acres. The Sullivan’s raised sheep on the farm.









This is a picture of the original farm house located on HWY CW. The house was burned down in the 1980’s.









This is a picture taken in 1977 of Ruth Harmann and Helen Daley accepting a Century Farm Award from the State of Wisconsin at the Wisconsin State Fair.